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Your OGO

Many OGO services are available only after registration, such as creating ads, car estimation or a catalog.


An OGO ID is a unique account that allows you to access all OGO services with a single login. By updating information in one place, it will automatically update in all services.

How to change the name

OGO allows you to customize the name that is displayed to other users. However, we recommend using your real name to enhance security and build trust with other users.

In some cases, such as when using your OGO account for business purposes, it may be helpful to display a different name.

To change your display name, simply log in to the OGO website and navigate to "Stjórnborð" (dashboard). From there, access the settings menu and select the option to modify your name.

How to change the avatar

If you're an OGO PRO user, you can take advantage of the avatar change feature to personalize your account. To change your avatar, simply access the settings section of your OGO PRO control panel. From there, you can choose a new avatar that best represents you or your brand. With this feature, you can add a touch of personality to your OGO profile and stand out among other users.