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Notifications from OGO

We send out various types of notifications, including reminders, warnings, and service messages. Some of these notifications are described below, so if you receive an email from us and are unsure what it is about, please read on for an explanation:

New Messages

We will always notify you of any new messages you receive through OGO. These messages will be sent from either or

Listing Time Expiration

If you have a listing on OGO, you will receive a notification after 60 days of its publication informing you that it has expired and has been stopped.

Other notifications

Please note that we very rarely send any other kinds of notifications, but if we do, they will always come from either or

As a precaution, we want to remind you that OGO will never ask for your password, credit card details, or request any advance payments or money transfer. All transactions on OGO are carried out securely within the interface of the site or application. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately.