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Products that are not allowed

Weapons, dangerous substances

  • Weapons and ammunition, military equipment, explosive materials, and items used to make and operate them
  • Research and design materials related to weapons and military equipment
  • Hunting weapons, pneumatic weapons, decorative weapons, and similar items
  • Chemical warfare agents and related documentation
  • Radioactive substances and devices, and products made from them
  • Self-defense items such as batons, stun guns, and pepper sprays
  • Devices used to secretly obtain information
  • Pyrotechnic products and services.

Banned medical substances

  • Poisons, drugs, and substances used for psychological effects, and information about them
  • Medications, homeopathic treatments, and dietary supplements for humans or animals
  • Used drugs, including prescription drugs
  • X-ray equipment using radioactive substances
  • Human organs, tissues, biological material, and related services
  • Used medical equipment
  • Pesticides and agrochemicals with limited use.

Restricted products

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco, smoking accessories, hookahs, and related products
  • Gambling equipment
  • Used personal hygiene items, cosmetics, household chemicals, and disposable tableware
  • Pornographic materials
  • Goods and services that need a license or permission to be manufactured or sold.

Valuables, Finance

  • Securities (stocks, bonds, checks, etc.), except for collecting invalid securities
  • Any financial services, such as investment, insurance, and money management
  • Receiving money and material values, credit, sponsorship, account transactions, investment of money, insurance, financial advice, etc.

Privacy & Computer Security

  • Malware, code, or files containing harmful or spyware code
  • Personal data of others, databases with information about others, and services for collecting, processing, storing, or transferring personal data without permission
  • Services for unauthorized access to computer information
  • Services for hacking accounts and extracting classified information
  • Materials revealing secrets and services for collecting or using these materials illegally
  • Services for creating, using, or distributing malicious computer programs
  • Services for installing illegal copies of computer programs or changing factory settings
  • Materials and services that violate privacy or damage reputation.

Prohibited products and services

  • Products and services that infringe on third party intellectual property rights (such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights, and branding rights), as well as fake or counterfeit items.
  • Illegally produced government IDs, stamps, seals, letterheads, certificates, diplomas, licenses, and other documents that grant or release rights and obligations, and labor and official forms (such as paychecks and sick leave), as well as services related to their creation.
  • Fake banknotes, stamps, securities, and tools and materials used to make them.
  • Services that are sexually explicit in nature, including erotic massages, stripteases, intimate services, and any services that have a sexual or erotic context (such as escort services, video chats, and companions).


  • Services for composing fake or paid reviews, and those aimed at boosting website or social media presence through artificial means.
  • Job postings with discriminatory language or limitations.

This is not a comprehensive set of rules..